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The Payday Solidarity Fund is aimed at people who are involved in the company and stand up for their rights and those of their colleagues (e.g. in the works council) and whose wages have been reduced because of their involvement. You also have to file a wage claim. This can be done with the help of your trade union or legal expenses insurance. If neither of these applies, we can help you apply for legal aid (contact us!).

If bonuses or tips are withdrawn instead of wages, unfortunately we cannot support you at the moment. But we are working on it, so stay tuned!

Check if Payday can support you!

Are you active in your company (e.g. in the works council or do you stand up for the rights of you and your colleagues at work)?

Have you had your wages cut because of this?

Do you not receive bonuses or tips because of your commitment?

Are you a trade union member or do you have legal expenses insurance?

Contact your trade union/legal expenses insurance, file a wage claim in due time and continue:

Have you filed a wage claim?

Great! You can submit an application below. We will then review your case. We will usually meet with you in person.
A committee with as diverse a composition as possible meets at least once a month to discuss who will be supported. Up to 1800€ of lost wages per month will be compensated. If you win the wage claim and get the money back from your employer, you simply give it back to us and we can use it to support new industrial action.
By the way: The commission can only approve applications if there is enough money in the fund. It can therefore unfortunately happen that cases have to be rejected, even though they correspond to the guidelines and the aims of Payday.
Currently we can only
    support people with trade union membership or legal expenses insurance as well ashelp people who do not have this to apply for legal aid.
However, we would be happy to hear from other volunteers who would like to assist with filing a claim or from lawyers who represent people without legal expenses insurance on a pro bono basis.
Currently, our support is limited to wage cuts due to labour disputes. In the (unfortunately not yet foreseeable) future we also want to address your issue. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything for you at the moment.
You are welcome to tell us about your case. We may be able to refer you to other services, but unfortunately we cannot help you with this issue.


Tell us about your case via our contact form. We will review it. Usually, a meeting in personal will be proposed.