Support Payday with a donation

How is Payday financed?

Payday is completely financed by donations from private individuals and foundations, as well as the repayments of the loans granted. The more money there is, the more people in industrial action we can support together.

What can I do?

You can contribute by donating. With your donation you help to ensure that the basis of every industrial action - the financial security of the colleagues - is secured.

Donations and sustaining membership

You can support Payday with a one-time donation by bank transfer or by becoming a sustaining member. Sustaining members are donors who support Payday with a monthly, semi-annual or annual donation. You can determine the amount and frequency of your donation yourself.

Recurring or one-time donation with Liberapay

Recurring or one-time donation with Paypal

Bank transfer or standing order

What are the donations used for?

We use your money primarily to compensate for the loss of wages of our colleagues. We also use a small part of the donations to cover costs such as printing flyers or maintaining our website. You can read about all the income and expenditure of Payday in the annual report of the association.