Payday is officially a non-profit organization !

by Giorgio

Hello World !

Endlich ! It took some time and sweat, but finally we are officially registered as a non-profit organization (e.V) in Germany. You can read the sweet letter from the Finanzamt underneath. You can download a PDF of our Statute (Satzung) here (German only).

The new status comes with a lot of check and balances, that make our organization more solid and transparent. Here are the main ones.

We will have some fiscal advantages that will make our work easier. First and foremost we can collect donations from individuals (and give them a tax-deductible receipt!) or apply for funding from grant-makers. We can easily employ volunteers. Finally, in case we make any profit, a part of it will be tax free.

Most importantly we are bound by our statute to our purposes: education about workers right in Germany and “support of people in need”. Beneficiaries of our support will be workers facing financial reprisal for their shopfloor activism. Our statute forces us to direct most of our support to those workers with fewer means (income and assets), although we can devote part of our funds to provide loans. This guiding principles are from now on written in our DNA.

Finally, our statute as association (Verein) will guarantee the internal democratic process and an accountability toward a third party, as the Finanzamt won´t grant us the status of non-profit, if we do not pursue our goals.

As we now establish strong roots for our work, we move on applying for funding, to be operational as soon as needed.

Stay tuned!

The TEAM of the Payday e.V. Solidarity Fund